Monday, January 14, 2013

Holy Ghost Batman

Geez, really my last post was almost a year ago. Well another year another new years resolution to be an active Blogger, let's see how this will work out this time.

It has been almost a year and a half now since I started my journey as a transportation professional. I have finally gotten back into the gaming community. Thanks in large part to the new MSI laptop I purchased this last year for my birthday.

Now if only the truck stop wifi was good enough for me to download more of the games I got over the holidays off of steam. I expect that I will not keep up on my Blogger yet again, but if I manage to I would expect some game reviews in the near future.

I have been spending a lot of time playing both Torchlight 2 and Guildwars 2. And would like to write reviews on both in the near future as one changes the genre, the other hand preserves a genre.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Returning to my overly connected social media life after a long break when I was getting started with my new career. Will be looking into getting my books blog back up and running and trying to keep posting and writing my new poetry on here. For a change I will be writing done political thoughts on here when I remember them long enough to write them when I'm not driving. And if I still have time in my overly busy life and 70 hour work Weeks maybe some gamer reviewing...

Friday, July 8, 2011


Whoa did it again have not been updating the blog moving my new poetry over and what not will try to make time for this soon again. The job hunt might have finally ended I might become a long haul truck driver which to be honest is almost a sort of dream job for me. And I think I have found someone I can show serious interest in relationship wise for once and they have yet to prove other wise. Well thank you all that still read the blog and for your prays and wishful thoughts about my job hunt ect. I hope to get back into updating the blog more regularly it seems like I always forget to ever 2 months oh well something I need to keep working on.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Time seems so wasted lately cannot find anything near me to apply for I really do hate looking for work. Not nearly as much as not working though my last good lead might require that I go take a math class just to apply.  Might take a look at Verizon again or some other cell stores.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Minecraft 1.3 Backup

For anyone that has already update to 1.4 here is a folder with 1.3 data it is patched though for Bordercraft 128 texture pack sorry


And here is a guide to running two version side by side

More Info

Saturday, March 19, 2011

MineCraft Server

Well I finally took the plunge into starting up my own public MineCraft server after finding a server program that I liked enough to use for it. If your interested in coming on and hanging out building or what ever my cousin Troy will be on a lot I'll be on from time to time when I take breaks from all the fun of Rift.



There is a channel on the Ventrilo server dedicated to MineCraft I do need to get my cousin a headset I think still but if you and a friend want to jump in while your mining feel free to.

And expect some updates from my poetry side soon wrote two new ones in the past two days that should be on their way up here soon.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crimson Sin

Crimson Sin:
As I sit here
Staring down at them
My hands and broken skin
The slow bleeding
I feel lost again
As crimson tears
Drip down my skin
Your edge, your blade
Picking away my fears
As all attention
Turns to the one we all share
Mortal man, mortal sin
I lost my way
When I lost you
All the pain I feel
Let it manifest
In crimson sin