Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Google Releases Android 2.2 Source Code

Well it is the moment we have all been waiting for Froyo Android 2.2 source code is live on AOSP already and has been compiled and tested on Nexus One units. Looks like there is already some people working on compiling it for the Motorola Droid I will most likely test that build if I can get my hands on it not sure if I would trust my self to try and compile it myself though. Cyanogen has already started work on CM6 it looks like not sure how long it will be before we start to see some test builds as I'm sure there is a lot of code that needs to be merged and bugs that will need to be cleaned up from the merge. Will try to keep this updated as I see updates from from Cyanogen and the other people on Twitter that help with the Cyanogen Mod project.


Here is a link to the blog post by Google to that has some interesting information about the AOSP turns out that it will build as is on three phones out of the box!
Android Developers Blog: The Froyo Code Drop

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